A New Convert…?

I talked to Dahlia last night about cloth diapers and baby wearing. She seemed so interested! Her baby, Kendra, has a never-ending diaper rash and they’re finding disposable diapers to be even more expensive than they remembered. I showed her one of Isaiah’s pocket diapers and explained how they work. I also told her about all-in-ones because some people find them less intimidating. She seemed to like the idea. I promised to send her a link to the site where I got mine, promising to answer any questions about them.

Dahlia also showed a good bit of interest in baby wearing. She commented on how difficult it can be to do things that she needs to get done because Kendra wants to be held so much. I told her how much I love my baby wrap and she was very curious. I told her that I would love to show her how to use one. She will be meeting up with me some time after Christmas.

It’s so fun to be able to share the things I’ve learned! I love these things so much. It’s great to see other people showing an interest in giving it a try.


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