Christmas Church Service

This morning was our church’s Christmas program. Isaiah and I read the verses for the Advent wreath and lit the candles for this week. Well, I did that… Isaiah just looked cute! When I played a piano solo, Isaiah got to sit with my dad at the front of the church. From what people tell me, he was having quite a bit of fun up there! Apparently, he would turn around and look at my dad, then try to wiggle down to explore. When we went back to sit down, Isaiah couldn’t sit still! He was so tired, but didn’t want to risk falling asleep, so he just didn’t stop moving. A couple of times, he managed to escape into the aisle and tried to head straight to a
little girl across from us. He absolutely loves little girls and this one is getting to be his friend. In the end, I had to sit him down and let him eat puffs… After service, we stayed for the Christmas potluck, which always consists of chili and clam chowder. This year, thankfully, one of the ladies also brought chicken noodle soup. I got some of it for me and put a part of it on my plate so it would cool quickly for Isaiah. It was some of the best chicken soup I’d ever had and Isaiah seemed to agree. He especially loved the noodles! When he’d eaten quite a few noodles, some chicken and a ton of oyster crackers, I let him have a gingerbread man cookie. He chewed on it for a long time. It probably felt good since he seems to be teething again. When I first gave it to him, he bit it, then grinned. It must have been pretty yummy! It’s definitely a step up from the “cookies” (animal crackers) he usually gets.


Yummy cookie!

When he was done eating and I released him from the highchair, Isaiah decided to follow Teagan, the little girl, around the room. She thought it was wonderful and encouraged it. He laughed and followed everywhere she went. I don’t think Isaiah stopped moving once he hit the ground! When it was about time to go, I picked him up and he just went limp against me. He was so exhausted after all that fun. He’d happily do it again soon.


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