A Little Background

Hi! My name’s Elisabeth and I’m 20 years old. I’m a single mama to my little boy, Isaiah. Since I found out I was pregnant, my life has been an unending series of adventures. First, I learned all kinds of things about pregnancy, then delivery and last, raising a child. The last is a learning journey…

I’ve learned quite a lot about raising a baby, but there’s always more to learn. In the last 10 1/2 months, I’ve learned all about cloth diapers, how to breastfeed with a constantly moving child, what co-sleeping is and why it’s good and tons about the development of a baby.

Isaiah is a bundle of energy like nothing I’ve ever seen. He started walking unassisted at 8 months! He’s always into anything and everything. If it’s too high, somehow, he finds a way to get to it. He loves stuffed animals and things that play music. Just recently, he learned to dance to music.

I’ll try to post some back stories as time permits, but with a baby in the house, I’ll focus on just keeping things current!


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