Oh Christmas Tree…

I got out the Christmas tree tonight. It was about time! Things have been so busy with an active little person in the house that the tree kept getting put off “until Isaiah is napping.” I finally decided that was never going to happen and just pulled it out while there were plenty of people around to watch him.

In the end, I didn’t need someone to do much watching or entertaining while I put the tree together. As soon as I started pulling out the stand and “trunk,” Isaiah was fascinated. After a few minutes, I handed him a branch to look at while I put others into place. He decided to carry it around the house and pound it on the floor, saying “giggle, giggle” all the while. (Apparently, Isaiah thinks the word “giggle” is interchangeable with “cool.”)

After a while carrying the branch around the room, I needed to put the branch onto the tree. I spread the parts of it out while he held it, then helped him put it on the tree. I gave him a new branch and he carried it over to show one of the cats, then brought it to me to put into place! He ended up helping put most of the branches onto the tree.

Once the tree was up, he had to keep going back to check on it. He “fluffed” the branches over and over! He was so amazed at the tree! (And it wasn’t even decorated yet!)


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