Fun with Markers

I’ve been trying to be creative with Christmas this year because I can’t afford to spend much on each person with the size of our extended family. One of my creative gifts is a matted picture of Isaiah for my mom (she already knows about it, just not which picture). I’m having him decorate the mat for the picture since he just figured out coloring a couple weeks ago.

Crayons don’t make very dark lines in the hands of a baby, so, against my better judgement, I let him use markers. He thought they were wonderful! I’m not sure what got more marks, him or the mat. His hands were brightly colored and he managed to drop a marker so he got a mark on his tummy. After he was finished coloring, he put his hands in his mouth, spreading the rainbow there.

Multicolored Fingers!

When Isaiah was done coloring, I sat him down to try to get a picture of his multicolored hands. I couldn’t get him to hold his hands up so it showed the marks, so I had to sit behind him and turn his hands up for the camera. When I did that, he looked down and noticed the color. At first, he was a little concerned. He kept opening and closing his fists like he was afraid there was something wrong with his hands. Once he determined that they still worked correctly, he decided that it was absolutely wonderful! He just kept looking at them and touching the different colors. He was very sad when a bath made the colors disappear. The sadness didn’t last long once he started splashing and enjoying the bath, though.

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