That Wonderful Place Called Burger King

We met family at Burger King to pick up my mom’s fixed van and hang out for a little while yesterday. We chose Burger King specifically for it’s play place. My youngest cousins are much happier with somewhere to run and play! When we got there, the kids were already up in the play place. Azalea was at the top yelling at the top of her lungs, having a total blast. Any time Luke was asked if she was doing ok, he’d say she was fine, she just didn’t wanna come back down!

Isaiah and Azalea peeking at people below the play place

When our food was ready, we coaxed Azalea down from the play place to eat. After all their activity, Luke and Azalea were hungry! They ate fast and were ready to go again. Isaiah chowed down on some french fries and puffs before being ready to get down and play. I released him from his highchair and he and the others played around the table for a while. Luke sang to him and Isaiah danced. Isaiah really liked Azalea and kept walking over to her and trying to hug her.

In the tunnel

Soon Azalea and Luke were ready to head back into the play place. Isaiah and I followed, planning to just watch. Isaiah couldn’t stand that they were having all that fun without him and wanted to check it out. Of course, he was way too little to navigate the tunnels by himself. Even Azalea was too short to get up inside without help. I ended up going in with him. We crawled through tunnels that were definitely not made for someone five-foot-six! Isaiah thought it was incredible! He peeked through all the windows to wave at people below us. He chased Azalea through the tunnels as fast as he could move. We ended up going through it twice. Since I had my iPod with me, I took pictures from inside the first time, then left it with my mom to take some from outside the second time though. The second time, I let Luke take him down the slide and they both thought it was wonderful! I’m sure Isaiah would love to go back any time!

Sleepy, but very happy after a fun time


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