Riding Trina

I got to ride Trina today! It was so awesome! I can’t wait to ride her again.

Riding Trina

Back story…

I met Trina about ten years ago (she was 19) when I met her owner, Connie. I always thought she was gorgeous, but was told I would never ride her because she’s too high-strung. Trina is a purebred Arabian mare. She may be 29 years old, but that girl can still run! She gets really excited about being saddled and stuff, although she’s a lot calmer than she used to be. She plays a lot of games when you try to catch her, so you have to always be one step ahead of her. She dances all over the place while the saddle is going on, then she starts walking the second someone puts their foot in the stirrup, making it hard to mount her. The times I’ve watched other people ride her, she’s been so excited that she was sweating within minutes and always wanted to run.

When Trina was three, Connie’s daughter’s barrel horse got hurt and she desperately needed a new horse–in a month! Trina was the oldest horse they had, so she was nominated. She went from having worn a saddle once to full-fledged barrel racer in 30 days. They had to take some short-cuts in her training, obviously. She had no idea what leads were, so Jill would turn her toward the fence and turn her around at a run so she’d pick up the right lead to round the first barrel. She also skipped the slow and easy riding part of her training. Once she learned to run, it’s all she wanted to do. She lives to race! Even now, when she knows she’s too old, she’d race if someone asked her to.

Trina 🙂

It turns out that, if you manage to get passed all the goofy quirks to her pre-ride rituals, she’s a pretty awesome horse to ride! Once I was actually on her back, she was very attentive and willing to listen. She’s an incredibly smooth ride. She hardly even bounces when she trots! If I even shift a certain way, she stops instantly. Every other horse I’ve ridden, I had to really pull the reins and say “whoa” before they stopped!
I rode Trina for about an hour today. She was quiet and obedient. Every once in a while she’d try to stop by the gate, but it took very little convincing to keep her going. If I’d given her the chance, I’m sure we would have gone pretty fast, but the ring we were in was a bit crowded for that. She’s a wonderful horse to ride! She’s also insanely loyal. She’ll do anything for the person who’s riding her and caring for her. She can teach me a lot. I’m looking forward to it!


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