The Great Diaper Escape!

Last night, when I was getting Isaiah ready for bed, he had even more energy than usual. He never wants to sit still for diaper changes or getting his pajamas on, but last night I couldn’t get him to lie down at all. I was afraid he’d try to roll off the changing table and get hurt, so I changed him on the floor. Looking back, I’m really glad that I did!

I managed to get him to sit still long enough to get his clothes and dirty diaper off, but that was the end of his patience. He was off! While I was trying to lay out the clean diaper, Isaiah was heading down the hall as fast as he could… Completely NAKED! I could hear my brother yelling from the kitchen, “is he really naked? Why isn’t he wearing a diaper?????” Isaiah, of course, found the whole situation to be absolutely hilarious. He laughed and shrieked the entire way down the hall. When he saw that I was about to catch him, he just started to crawl faster and laugh harder.

I caught him long before he could have any accidents on the floor and put his bed time diaper on. I had to diaper and dress him all while he was standing up by his crib. The second I hooked the last snap on his jammies, he was off again. He crawled down the hall laughing and checking to see if I was going to try to catch him again. In the end, he came to me without having to be caught because I had yogurt!


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