Isaiah’s First Pony Ride

I brought Isaiah to Connie’s to pay Andy a visit yesterday. From the moment we got to her house, he was excited and checking the corral for horses. Sadly, they were out in the pasture. He was pretty disappointed until Yahoo and Trip, the dogs, made their appearance. He played on the ground with them for several minutes before Connie went to find Andy in the farthest corner of the pasture.

Me and Isaiah with Trip

When Connie headed for the pasture, Isaiah stood against the gate watching to see what she was doing. After a few minutes, we heard Patches whinny a greeting because she’d spotted Connie. (She was probably hoping for grain!) We soon saw Connie surrounded by her little herd coming into the corral. Isaiah was ecstatic! He started bouncing and grinning. Lily trotted up and sniffed his fingers through the fence. Isaiah wasn’t sure whether to be thrilled or nervous–Lily’s head was as big as he is tall!

Watching for Connie and the Horses

Once Andy was out and had his saddle on, Isaiah got to play with him. First, he had to examine him and pet him. He absolutely loves horses, but any time he gets close he has to take his time getting adjusted to their size. Even little Andy seems huge to Isaiah! Andy blew on Isaiah’s hand, which Isaiah thought was pretty exciting. I put Isaiah on the ground by Andy and Andy “kissed” his head. Isaiah loved every moment of it!

Andy Kisses!

I put Isaiah up on Andy and my mom took some pictures. Isaiah thought it was pretty cool. I think he liked the view from on top of a horse! He kept grinning and slapping the saddle. (When he slaps his hands on something, it means he’s really happy!) After he’d sat there for a while, Connie started to lead Andy forward. Isaiah loved it! Andy said it seemed a bit like work to him, but he guessed he could handle carrying twenty pounds.

Riding Andy!

After walking across the yard and back, Isaiah was ready to get down, but he wasn’t done playing with Andy. He still wanted to pet him and admire him and his tack. Isaiah was so full of smiles the entire afternoon! It was sure an exhausting fun day for him, though. When we got home, he took a long nap.


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