The Box is the Best Toy

They always say that little kids love the box their toys come in even more than they love the toy. I got Isaiaha new car seat today. It’s not exactly a toy, but he sure thought the box was! I put him in the car seat to make sure the straps were adjusted right and he did not appreciate that! The box, on the other hand, was the best toy he’d ever seen!

First, he crawled around the outside of the box admiring the pretty colors on it. My brother laid the box on its side, so Jonathan kept crawling in and out of it. He especially loved it when Jack, one of the cats, went inside and he could corner him in it. We had to rescue poor Jack a few times!

After a while, DJ and my dad came up with a new idea… DJ hid inside the box while my dad and Isaiah were outside. My dad kept telling Jonathan how smart the box was and how it could count and add. He knocked on the box twice and said “two…” then knocked twice again “…plus two.” A few seconds later, the box “magically” knocked back four times. Isaiah absolutely loved it. After a few minutes, my dad asked Isaiah if he thought the box could subtract, too. To Isaiah’s delight, it could!

When DJ stuck his hand out from under the box, Isaiah’s face lit up. He couldn’t believe that his uncle was hiding in the box! He grabbed his fingers and tried to pull them to his mouth for a taste. Then my brother grabbed his foot and pulled it partway under the box. Jonathan grinned while trying to determine what to do next. DJ lifted the box high enough to take Isaiah under it with him, but Isaiah wasn’t too thrilled about that. He liked it best from the outside. I have a feeling this box will keep him entertained for quite a while! (At least as long as it takes for him or one of the cats or dogs to destroy it!)


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