What Isaiah Does When He Should Be Sleeping

In case anyone ever wondered what Isaiah does when he thinks no one’s looking or when he should be asleep in his crib, I recorded him playing tonight.

First, Isaiah and Max chased each other around the living room for a while. Isaiah seems to think being active will help him stay awake. He spread all his toys across the living room floor before coming to sit in my lap and talk to Max. I don’t know what got into Max, but he was in a talking mood! He woofed and howled for close to half an hour to Isaiah’s delight. He wasn’t quite as talkative after I got the camera out though…


Next up was using me as a jungle gym. He bounced and climbed and chattered at me. Anything to keep him awake! He was having way too much fun staying up passed his bedtime.


Then he wandered down the hall with Max, thinking they hadn’t been followed. First, he headed for the dog water, only to find I was right behind him! Oops! It didn’t sway him for long. Soon, he’d forgotten that I was there and was off to find more adventures! He really loves the oven light so when he stood up in front of the oven, I turned the light on and off a few times for him. He kept grinning at it.


Last, but not least, we headed down the hall to play with the baby in the mirror. I think the mirror baby is his best friend. Today, he realized that he could play Peek-A-Boo by ducking down under the edge of the mirror, then bouncing back up to see the baby. He played with the baby for a long time! He thought it was the best game in the entire world!


Now, if only he’d get tired enough to fall asleep so we can both go to bed………

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