Isaiah’s First Crush

Isaiah has met a few babies from a distance before and loves playing with the baby in the mirror, but today he finally got to be up close to another baby. In fact, there were two of them! Or was he seeing double?

Am I seeing double??

I took Isaiah with me to a community thing at someone’s house just outside of town. Not long after we got there, I saw a couple getting out of their car with not one, but two adorable little girls. Isaiah was too busy being grumpy over his empty tummy at that point to take much notice of them. After a while, I took Isaiah inside so he could eat and when we came out, he was ready to explore where he was. Then, suddenly, he discovered the babies!

Is that a girl baby??

It took very little time for Isaiah to determine that he needed to get closer to investigate. One of the girls, Alayna, was equally curious about him. She walked over for a closer look and soon Isaiah was trying to walk to her. He even tried to walk on his own when I didn’t move fast enough. (That didn’t work too well…) They looked each other over from head to toe. Isaiah was pretty sure it was love at first sight. He didn’t wanna let her walk away for even a minute.

Wait for me!

After a few minutes of walking away, then coming back, Alayna decided that Isaiah was pretty cool. She came over and gave him a big hug! Isaiah saw his chance and grabbed onto her shirt with all his strength. She wasn’t getting away now! They played together for quite a while before their parents all decided it was time to head for home.

She's falling! Don't worry! I'll catch you!

Isaiah was sad to leave his new friend, to say the least!

No! Don't make me leave her!


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