A New Job for Me!

I’ve been listed as a substitute at the local daycare since school started close to a month ago. I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever hear back from them. Yesterday, I finally got a call to come in! I’ve worked there the last two days for a total of ten hours. If I continue to get called in regularly, it’s a pretty good part time job.

I’ve been working mainly in the infant area, but helping some with the toddlers at lunch time and when they’re all waiting to be picked up. There are five absolutely adorable babies that I get to work with! They range in age from four months to just over a year. I’ve spent the last two days cuddling babies, giving them bottles and reading to toddlers. Could a job be any more fun?!?

The babies are all so sweet! With five of them, there’s never a time that there isn’t at least one needing attention of some kind so they definitely keep me and the woman I’ve been working with on our toes! I’ve learned a lot about how daycares run and some of the rules that apply in a daycare setting that I don’t have to do at home with Jonathan. Ten hours of daycare work means around 1000 hand washings. You wash your hands before and after feeding children, you wash the kids’ hands after a diaper change, then wash your own, you wash after wiping a kid’s nose… The list goes on. I think I need to buy more lotion! I also have to wear gloves for diaper changes–frustrating! The gloves are slippery so you can’t grip their clothes or the diapers.  Most of the babies and kids are old enough that they’re pretty helpful during diaper changes. They hold their own legs out of the way and lay very still. A couple of the older ones like to chatter at me.

I have lots of fun playing with the older babies. Today I tried to teach one of the boys to give me five while he was waiting for his turn to eat. He was really fussy about having to wait, but seemed to enjoy hitting my hand after I showed him a couple times. He thought it was funny and even started doing it with both hands. One of the girls has a limited vocabulary and her favorite phrase is “what’s that?” She can stay pleased for long periods just pointing at random things, asking “what’s that?” and waiting for a reply. She also loves books!

I’ll write more about my experiences later, but it’s the middle of the night and there’s always a chance I’ll get a call early in the morning to go in again. I absolutely love my time with these precious babies! Who knew that “work” could be so much fun!? If this is work, life is good! I’ve been pursuing an early education degree. Now I’m pretty sure it’ll be perfect for me.


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