There’s a Baby in the Mirror!

Isaiah has been buddies with the baby that lives in our mirrors since he was pretty little. At first, he would get really jealous if he saw his Mama or Gram kiss that other baby. He only wanted us to love on him. Now he doesn’t seem to mind. Either he understands now that it’s a reflection or he just decided that we love on him way more than that other baby.

Isaiah loves to play with the baby in the mirror. He tries to touch his face, but that doesn’t work because that baby’s hand always gets in the way! He also pats his hands on the glass to play with the baby. My favorite thing is when he decides to give the baby kisses. He’s such a loving boy and he wants to kiss that baby just like he does his family! It’s absolutely adorable! He will happily play with the mirror baby for long periods each day.

Isaiah and the Mirror Baby


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