Photography Adventure

I went picture taking last night, just for fun. I drove around town looking for stuff that would be interesting subjects. I went to the park, rodeo grounds and my friend’s pasture. The pasture presented lots of great subjects! I took some beautiful pictures of sunflowers in the pasture as well as clouds and the sunset. I really need to remember to go out picture taking before seven in the evening! I was losing light practically before I started.

At one point, while I was taking close-ups of flowers, I was so frustrated that they were coming out dark that I tried using my flash. I hated how it looked so I just had to find other ways to make it work. I ended up really slowing down my shutter speed and having a really low F-stop (which I wanted for close-ups anyway).

When I got to the rodeo arena, I took some cloud pictures and some landscapes standing on top of some really old wooden bleachers. It suddenly occurred to me, that, although I’d forgotten my tripod (big mistake!), I could use the bleachers to hold my camera where I wanted it. I set the camera on one of the levels and put my cell phone under the lens to tip it up just slightly. Then, I turned on the timer and ran to where I wanted to pose, fixed my hair (as well as I could in the wind anyway) and smiled at the camera just as it took the picture. I actually set up a couple pictures that way. They aren’t the best in the world because it’s hard to focus for something that isn’t in the shot yet, but it was fun to take them. Maybe one of them will become my new Facebook profile picture.

I think I had the most fun in the pasture. On my way out to where the horses were (I can’t be on the property and not pet them!), I saw that the sunflowers were in full bloom. I couldn’t resist taking lots of pictures of them! I took some of two with the clouds behind them. Then, the sun was starting to set so I worked with my settings to get a flower as a silhouette with the sky behind. It turned out so well! When I reached the horses, I went down the hill from them and got some nice pictures of Lily with the sunset behind her. They turned out in a nice silhouette, too.

Sunflower at Sunset

Overall, I had a very productive evening of picture taking, even if it was a little darker than would have been easiest for some of my picture taking. I can’t wait to head out and take some more!

P.S. Some guys have asked me to take pictures of their horses for them tomorrow! Yay!

Lily and Sky


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